What is the UW in the High School program?

The UW in the High School (UWHS) program enables high schools across Washington State to offer UW coursework for UW credit. Started in 1981, UWHS is one of the oldest "college in the high school" or "concurrent enrollment" programs in the country. The UWHS model is based on highly-qualified teachers, who are UW-approved, trained, and supported, teaching UW courses to high school students, who can earn UW credits in addition to high school credit, alongside peers in their own classrooms.

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Should I register for UW credit?

Courses offered through UWHS are official UW courses and therefore demand considerable work outside of the classroom. Successful students are self-motivated and are willing to dedicate more time than the typical high school course demands. By registering for a UWHS course, students establish a permanent record and any grades received are recorded on an UW official transcript. This is a wonderful opportunity to be taken very seriously.

Benefits to students include:

  • Engage in university coursework
  • Establish a UW transcript
  • Access UW libraries
  • Earn a grade and college credit through the course
  • Save money on UW credits
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What does it cost?

The cost will be $307 course fee, plus a $42 registration fee. This total of $349 is a $5 increase from 2011-12. In 2012-13, a minimum of 6 students must register for UW credit for a course to be active and award UW credit.

Additionally, students must purchase the course textbook. Cost is $91.20 + tax for a new copy.

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Is financial aid available?

Because UWHS operates on a fee basis rather than state funding, it is currently not eligible for financial assistance.

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How do I register?

Registration forms will be distributed in class, collected and submitted by the course instructor (Mr. Thompson). Full payment must be submitted with the registration form (payment plans are not available).

Registration forms and payment must be submitted no later than February 15.

The registration form and Student/Parent Fact Sheet are also available online via these links.

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Who accepts UW credit earned through UWHS?

In Washington, almost all colleges and universities generally do accept UW credit earned through UWHS. Two exceptions are University of Puget Sound and Whitman College. Nationally, most public and many private institutions generally do accept. There are exceptions, including some private liberal arts and Ivy League schools. Students should contact prospective colleges or universities to verify whether or not their UW credits will be accepted. In most cases, students order their official UW academic transcripts and send them to the college or university they plan to attend.

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How do King's letter grades work with the UW grading scale?

Your student will receive separate grades on their King's and UW transcripts. I will submit the same grade as a percent to both, each will assign their corresponding letter grade. For instance, the UW awards an A for 96-100% while King's awards an A for 93-100%. If your student earns a 95% in the course, their UW transcript will show a 3.8 and an A-. Their King's transcript will show an A.

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I have a different question

  1. Read the Parent Fact Sheet.
  2. Visit the UW in the High School web site.

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