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Sep 12 FTC Season Kickoff
Sep 19 FTC Android System Workshop
Sep 27 FTC General Workshop
Nov 21 Lynnwood League Meet #1
Dec 12 Lynnwood League Meet #2
Jan 16 Interleague Meet
early Feb WA State Championship
late Mar Super-Regional Championship
Apr 22-25 FTC World Championship

2014 News

9/6 - Roger Houston, we have liftoff!

Cascade Effect is upon us! Looks like a very fun and challenging game. For more info about the game and its rules, see the FTC Game Page.

9/4 - Kick'in off the year with changes!

We're trying something new this year, running our FTC teams in a class! We have a great mixture of 7-12 grade students and expect to form 3 to 4 teams this year. The grand experiment! :)

2013 News

12/9 - Results of Lynnwood League meet #2

Overall rankings:

11/25 - Results of Lynnwood League meet #1

9/11 - Block Party Q&A Forums Open

The Block Party Q&A forums are now open! Click here or visit the links page.

6/5 - King's Robotics Year End Video

Fresh from the Blue Spark Studios and Ryan Printz, King's Robotics alum, is the 2013 King's Robotics year end video!

6/1 - Stop Motion Fun!

Here are a few stop motion movies created by one of our extremely creative 5076 team members, Jackson Whipple:

video link

5/17 - CyberKnights on TV!

CyberKnights were interviewed live on KOMO TV and radio!

5/8 - CyberKnights Receive UNESCO Peace Through Science award at Seattle Rotary!

The Seattle Rotary honored the CyberKnights Wednesday May 8th! Both Lile (this year's robot) and Low Orbit (last year's robot) made appearances and wowed the crowd. Coach Mike Thompson and team lead Devin Caplow spoke explaining the program and FIRST, and Dr. Sheree Wen, CEO of Wen Technologies and US National Commissioner to UNESCO, presented the team the UNESCO Peace Through Science Award for the team's outreach work in LA and Uganda. Quite an exciting day!

Low Orbit showing his stuff Running Lile through his paces Devin at the mic Receiving the UNESCO award

4/31 - CyberKnights Receiving the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award at Worlds!

4/31 - 2013 World Championship Finals Videos

Here is what we've got for the Edison Division and Da Vinci (across both divisions) finals:

4/29 - 2nd in the World!

It was a phenomenal week, and the team (including Lile our robot) were amazing. We finished 2nd, were awarded the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, and were runner up for the Inspire Award and PTC Design Award.

Here is video of our qualification matches, final round match video coming soon!

4/19 - Watch us live at the FTC World Championship!

If you want to watch us compete at the FTC World Championship but can't come, don't despair, live streaming is here! We will be competing in the Edison division.

NASA is hosting the event and you can watch it here. :)

Follow our Tweets (@KingsRobotics) to learn when our matches start and other status/progress information. If you don't have a Twitter account, follow these directions to get going!

4/18 - Consent/Release Form for Worlds

Need this filled out and back to Mr. T by Monday: Consent & Release Form

3/19 - Team Outreach/Mission Trip Forms

The forms required for our trip to LA are listed below. Please return these to Mr. Thompson no later than Wednesday March 27th. Also all funds/fees are due by then. Thank you!

Mr. Thompson will also need a copy of the travel ID your student will be using (driver's license, etc.)

1/14 - The Legacy Continues! CyberKnights Win State 4th Year Running!

It was yet another amazing day for King’s Robotics with the CyberKnights (3717) winning the Washington State FTC Championship for the 4th year running! Not only did they win the tournament, but they also won the coveted and prestigious Inspire Award! This qualifies them to compete in the World Championship this coming April.

It was truly a team effort. In the final rounds the CyberKnights teamed with our JV the CyberDaze and also the Clover Park HS Trolls to face off against some very capable and well driven robots. With the CyberKnights providing the offensive punch and some absolutely amazing defensive driving and play by the CyberDaze and Trolls, the CyberKnights captained the alliance to victory!

To put this in context, in the 2nd to last qualification match, the 3717 onboard computer froze causing the robot to drive full speed into the field wall, burning out the entire drive system. Nine motors later and with only minutes to the next match, the 3717 pit crew frantically worked on the bot, getting it back on the field with seconds to spare, completely untested. Running with a crippled drive system, the team was able to adjust their game strategy and still outscore the opposition inspite of a very determined defense.

In the qualifying rounds out of 24 of the best teams in Washington, Oregon and BC, the JV (CyberDaze 4590) finished 7th and the freshman team (CyberReign 5076) finished 8th. While the CyberKnights begin their preparations for the World Championship, the CyberDaze and CyberReign will prepare to compete in the Idaho State Championship on February 16th.

12/17 - Amazing day for King's at Districts!

All three teams qualified for State! Here are the results:

  • 3717, CyberKnights (varsity)
    • 1st place: member of winning alliance
    • Winner: Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
    • 1st runner-up: Inspire Award
    • Lynnwood League Champion
  • 4590, CyberDaze (JV)
    • 2nd place: Captain of 2nd place alliance
  • 5076, CyberReign (freshman team)
    • 4th place: member of 4th place alliance
    • 2nd runner-up: Inspire Award

Congrats and a special shout out to our friends from Franklin, team XBOT (SyZyGy, Clockworks and Zenith). Great robots and drive teams. It was great playing with and against you! You rock! :)

Also congrats and a shout out to our friends from BC Canada, team FixIt for winning the Inspire Award! You are an amazing team and your award is very well deserved! See you at State!

mojo man

10/24 - Mojo Man Lives!

We are proud to announce the birth of our first 3-D printed creation: Mojo Man!

Yesterday we received our new Mojo 3D printer and quickly put it to work creating our new friend.

Next, custom parts for our bots! :)

10/24 - New League Play Structure Announced

The new League/Districts format for the FTC season has been finalized and announced. Details can be found here.

We are in the "Lynnwood" league with Lynnwood High, Mountlake Terrace High, Edmonds Heights K-12, Glacier Peak High and Cascade High.

Best of luck to all! :)

9/8 - 2012-13 Game Announced ... Ring It Up!

It's going to be a great game this year, very fun to watch!

Check the video out to get an idea how the game works.

...the 1st three minutes are a call for FTC alumni to return as team mentors. :)

8/23 - 2012-13 Season Kick-off Event

Join us at the season kick-off event!

This is the event we've been waiting for since the end of last season!

8/23 - Preliminary 2012-13 Season Schedule

Preliminary 2012-13 season schedule is now available on the FIRSTWA site.

Please remember these dates are subject to change!

7/31 - Team Roster for 2012-13 Season

team roster

6/2 - Great day at the Seattle Robothon!

Had a great time showing off our robots and sharing our excitment about FTC with many many people at the 2012 Robothon held at the Seattle Center.

man that's tall! what's that? how crate loading works

our booth! our booth!

5/30 - Date Change For Team Tryouts!

Due to numerous school activity related conflicts we've rescheduled tryouts to Thursday June 7th at 3:30pm in the High School Robotics Lab.


5/1 - Amazing job at Worlds!

With both 3717 and 4590 finishing in the top four and recieving the Finalist award for their respective divisions, King's Robotics holds its head high!

In the qualifying rounds, 3717 finished 1st in the Edison division and 4590 finished 9th in the Franklin division.

Here is a great shot of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sizing up 3717's lift! That's our driver Christian Decker to the left in the white lab coat. Photo courtesy of FIRST.

3717 consistently lifted to the 14.5' range, averaging 449.5 pts per match during the qualifier rounds. During the final rounds, 3717 averaged 536.4 pts per match! An amazing performance.

4590 averaged a very respectable 264 pts per match in the qualifying rounds, and 220 pts during the final rounds.

4/9 - Mission trip ... we're back!

What an amazing time. We know we had a deep, deep impact on the lives of the kids that came to the program. We also know we each came back changed by the experience.

To encounter disadvantage and injustice first hand is sobering.

To meet people who deliberately and strategically choose to live there so they can become neighbors and help ... that is staggering and life changing.

Excited about robotics Hard at work Proud robot maker

At the park