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Tomorrow's Engineers Today

Robotics is not simply about having the best robot; it is about the elements that go into that robot. Working as a team, respecting each other, and learning new ways to do things all helped us win the 'Inspire' award this year.

- Kaysee-Li Tomkins, King's High FTC Team Member

...the Robotics program has allowed for math and science oriented students to receive a taste of the engineering world. Robotics has given me the opportunity to use the education I have received in ways not possible inside the classroom. Independent thinking and problem solving are now vital aspects of my day to day life.

- John Bjorge, King's High FTC Team Member

Through a mix of academic courses and FIRST competitive teams, King's Robotics seeks to inspire an interest and passion for science and technology while preparing our students to become the technology leaders in tomorrow's competitive, global marketplace.